Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful cultural community on the Bay of Banderas, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. The climate is pleasant, the people are friendly, great food and hospitality is abundant.

Many people fear visiting this amazing destination due to media portrayals of all of the country of Mexico.

Ex-pats who live permanently in the community, returning seasonal visitors and "snow birds", and vacationers from all over the world come to Puerto Vallarta to experience the warmth of not only the weather, but the incredible warmth of the people of Puerto Vallarta. We feel very comfortable and safe here!

Of course, as with anywhere one lives or travels, common sense must be employed. However, a great time is had by many who visit Vallarta each year, enjoying everything that this very special part of Mexico has to offer!

Please read the comments (below) of recent visitors to our community. For more information about Puerto Vallarta, click on the links below. We hope to see you soon!

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Jim Matthews of Leicester, England writes:

If you haven’t yet visited this picturesque old town with its wonderful climate and lovely, welcoming and generous people, I urge you to do so… but be prepared to have it exercise its magnetic pull time and time again. And if you haven’t visited Rotary there, I suggest you do that, too. Although my same caveat applies… several of the visitors there at the first meeting in 2013 said they were not Rotarians… yet! Read more...

Marilyn Hobbs of Pine River, Minnesota writes:

Business is slow in this beautiful “Bougainville” city. Most people believe it is because of the media saying false things about the dangers of travel in Mexico. Restaurants that are normally full every night probably had one-half of their usual business. We felt very safe and secure, both on the beach and traveling by automobile to some other towns nearby. The Mexicans are very friendly, and the weather is great! Read more...

Terry Straehley of Santa Barbara, California writes:

This was my first visit, and I was impressed by the genuine hospitality of the many people I met. There are many articles in newspapers and on TV, which play up the violence in parts of Mexico. As a result, the tourist business is way down in Puerto Vallarta. As an example, we passed the empty cruise ship anchorage, which in the past had one or more vessels visit every day. One thing that they wanted to impress upon us was, that despite the stories, Puerto Vallarta is a safe city that welcomes its visitors. Read more...

Kent Peterson of Shoreview, Minnesota writes:

Puerto Vallarta has developed into a tourist destination. There is the real, old city with beautiful beaches, a great seaside promenade called "the Malecón", hilly cobblestone streets, a modern arts community and area, a beautiful botanical garden in the nearby mountains, and a predictably warm, dry climate from mid-October to May. There has been some bad publicity about safety in Mexico. That's not the case in Puerto Vallarta. There is excellent security and, as long as you use the same common sense that we need to use in the rest of North America, you will be perfectly safe. Read more...

Updated: November 2014