Clean safe drinking water prevents illness and brings health to the members of these communities allowing the adults to be able to work and the children to be able to attend school and learn.

Since 2011, working in conjunction with the Rotary Clubs of Vancouver, Washington, Greater Clark County, Washington and Edmonton, Alberta, we have been able to bring clean safe drinking water to 7 local rural communities. These communities had no prior access to clean, safe drinking water and the people living in these areas took their water from local rivers - rivers which are smelly, muddy, littered with trash, and in which animals live.

The 7 communities are located in the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta:

El Canton - 290 residents
El Colorado - 750 residents
Los Llanitos - 87 residents (this community is 770 metres about sea level, in the local mountains)
Santa Cruz de Quelitan - 148 residents
Tebelchia - 491 residents
El Ranchito - 950 residents (this community is 800 metres about sea level, in the local mountains)
El Zancudo - 396 residents
La Desembocada - 692 residents

Systems are installed at community school grounds so children have access to clean, safe drinking water during school hours. After hours, adult members of the community unlock the school yard for members of the community to bring buckets to obtain clean, safe drinking water for their home. Families pay a small fee for access to the water purification system and these funds are collected to cover annual maintenance costs for the system.

The cost of a water purification system for a community is $5,900 USD plus transportation and installation. The water purification plants are produced in Mexico in the state of Colima. Seapal, the local water and sewage provider, has partnered with our Rotary Club to provide the infrastructure and installation of these systems. The annual cost of maintenance of a purification system is $100 USD and the members of the local community in which the system is installed pool funds together throughout the year - in return for access to clean safe drinking water - to cover the cost of annual maintenance.

The need for water purification systems in rural and remote communities is great as so many of these communities are located far from municipal services and infrastructure.


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Updated: February 2014