Colonia Magisterio is the community of the Puerto Vallarta garbage dump. Approximately 80 families live at the dump and they earn a very meagre living sorting through the trash to pull out recycleables and items of slight value to be sold to recyclers and scrap dealers.

Rotary has the use of facility near the dump which is used as a community kitchen and for gatherings and classes offered by volunteers.

Each Monday, Club Member and Past-President Jorge Zambrano (owner of Andale Restaurant) and other Rotarians come together to provide a meal to the mothers and children of El Magisterio. Rotary Club Members and visiting Rotarians volunteer to serve the food. For many residents of this community, this Monday lunch is the only substantial meal they will eat in a week.

There are also English classes offered to mothers and children by volunteer teachers and also, volunteers will do crafts with the children while the mothers learn.

An annual Christmas Party is hosted by the Rotary Club with gifts being donated by Club Members. It is the only time in the year that the children receive candy!

Donations of clothing, shoes and other items to the families of this community are always most welcome. Visit our Calzados for Children page for more information about our shoe donation program.

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Updated: November 2014