This project provides clean, safe drinking water to rural citizens for use in their home in the areas surrounding Puerto Vallarta by giving families an individual water filter for use in their home. 

It was our Club's goal to have the first 100 filters in Puerto Vallarta and ready to be distributed in Fall 2012. We were so very happy to deliver the first individual water filters with buckets to the community of Los Lobos, a 3 hour drive from Puerto Vallarta up narrow and steep dirt roads, in November 2012!

As fo June 2015, our Rotary Club has delivered 1,933 filters to the schools, health centres, churches, and the families of the communities of Puerto Vallarta (Los Lobos, Los Llanitos, and Volcanes) and Cabo Corrientes (Los Corrales, Los Rastrojos, Paulo, Boca de Tomatlan, Las Animas.Pizota, Quimixto, Chacala and El Tuito). In all, to date more than 7,500 people have received the benefit of clean, safe drinking water - at no cost to them! We have also been working with the Rotary Club of El Tuito Amanacer and local Rotaract Clubs on this project and the members are very enthusiastic about this program!

In addition to the provision of the water filters, the families are educated on the care and maintenance of the filter, and also on the necessity for clean, safe drinking water and the necessity of proper sanitation to prevent illness. Large colourful posters are provided to local schools and health centres - the posters emphasise the above 2 points as well as the importance of hand-washing with soap. In addition, schools are provided with packages of bars of soap for the bathrooms as often the schools do not have sufficient funds to purchase soap, or even toilet tissue.

The families are using the filters and they are very pleased that they have been given the gift of clean, safe drinking water. The people have expressed their gratitude and happiness, and community members state that the provision of clean, safe drinking water has had a significant impact on these communities!

Clean, safe drinking water - without cost - is allowing the families of these communities to spend more of their income on food, health care and education. A significant secondary benefit is that these families no longer buy and drink vast quantities of Coca Cola and other highly sugared soda which has substituted as drinking water.

In the past, our Club has, in partnership with other Rotary Clubs, provided water purification facilities in rural areas close to Puerto Vallarta (See Our Project information on Water Purification Systems in the sidebar).
This project is different in several ways:

  • the cost per filter is much less than providing a stand alone facility in a village - each filter has a cost of $55 USD (rather than $6,000 USD per stand alone unit),
  • there are no infrastructure costs such as concrete pads, water lines, etc.,
  • there are no maintenance costs as each filter is self-cleaning,
  • filters can easily be moved to other locations with no cost.

There is a permanent need for clean, safe drinking water in our rural areas. Because of the cost of this filter, we are able to supply people immediately with safe, clean drinking water and we will be able to grow the distribution because of the low cost. With clean, safe drinking water, families will be able to work and attend school without the illnesses they currently are susceptible to from the unsafe drinking water. As a result, the benefits to the greater community and to society in general, will be long term.

The filters are supplied by Sawyer (in the USA) which has a history of working with Rotary to provide clean, safe drinking water worldwide.  The filters do not require any fuel, chemicals or particular knowledge. They require a clean bucket and regular cleaning with clean water. The syringe needed to clean the filter is provided with the filter, as are all instructions for use.

The life expectancy of a filter is 1,000,000 gallons or 4,000,000 liters. The filters will be used constantly on an on-going basis.

Filters are provided to families in households and also to schools in order that members of a community may receive clean, safe drinking water throughout the day.

The project is sustainable, and as funds are gathered, more filters will be distributed. If a major project with another Rotary Club results in a more permanent Water Purification System facility in a community in which these individual filters have been distributed, then the filters will be collected and redistributed to other community members who require clean, safe drinking water.

If you or your Rotary Club would like to support to this project, or should you wish additional information regarding this project, please
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In addition to the photos below, please visit our Past Projects page to view powerpoint presentations of some of our Club's past individual water filter distributions.

Filters for Families Image Gallery

Updated: June 2015