Imagine not being able to learn or to read or to work or to care for yourself because you cannot see!

For families of very limited means there is no money for eye surgery to correct cataracts, cross-eyedness or other vision problems. Children in need of eye surgery who cannot focus their vision cannot learn to read. Adults cannot achieve employment.

Through our Rotary Club, candidates for corrective eye surgery are identified and the surgery undertaken is funded by the Club. Club Member, Dr. Jaime Miramontes, opthalmologist, donates his time to perform the surgeries - the sole costs of the surgery are for the use of the facilities at the CMQ hospital and for equipment.

On average, vision can be corrected and restored at the cost of $700 USD to $1,000 USD per surgery. Dr. Mario Miramontes, the brother of Dr. Jaime Miramontes, assists and donates his expertise as well.

During our 2012-2013 Rotary year, through a generous matching grant with the Rotary Club of Portola, California, we have been able to provide life-changing eye surgeries to 30 adults and children. During our 2013-2014 Rotary year, eye surgeries were provided to 25 children through a generous matching grant with the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, Hawaii.

To date this Rotary year (2014 - 2015), 22 surgieries have been performed on both adults and children.

There is a continual need for funding for corrective eye surgeries for low income families.
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Updated: January 2015