Children have eternally-growing feet and shoes simply do not last long. Shoes are expensive. For poor families there is generally only one pair of shoes for each child - the shoes that the child wears to school. For many years, the children of Colonia Magisterio have simply not had shoes. They run around in the dirt and the rocks and the trash in bare feet. The situation is improving but shoes are still needed.

It is our goal that each child have a pair of shoes for daily activities outside of school. In 2012, the first suitcase of 39 pairs shoes was delivered to the children of the Magisterio. The shoes were donated by the family and friends of a Club Member and also by a thrift store in Southern California.

Since that time, we have delivered more than 600 pairs have found new feet! Many thanks to visiting Rotarians from Alberta, Alaska, British Columbia, Ontario, Minnesota and Washington!

We are looking for new shoes or used shoes of good quality in good condition. Many American and Canadian families have children or grandchildren who have outgrown shoes and the shoes need a new home. Childrens shoes of all sizes are needed including shoes large enough to fit teenager's feet! If you are bring shoes to Mexico or are sending shoes with someone who is traveling to Puerto Vallarta, please ensure that the shoes are free from dirt, grasses, and seeds as these are not permitted through Mexican customs.

If you or someone you know is traveling to Puerto Vallarta to visit and you are able to bring 1 or 2 pairs of childrens shoes (or more!), our Club will collect the shoes to be delivered to the Magisterio - just bring them to our Club meeting. You are also welcome to deliver the shoes on a Monday when our Rotary Club serves lunch!

Updated: November 2014