We are a diverse group of men and women from various professions, walks of life, and cultures. Our common bond as Rotarians is a love of Puerto Vallarta and a desire to enhance the lives of those who live and work in this beautiful community by giving of ourselves.

Although we are very active and work hard in Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding communities, we also take the time to socialize so we can learn about each other - through learning we can improve ourselves to be more effective in helping others.

Board of Directors 2014 - 2015


Pedro Covarrubias Sandoval

Past President

Saúl López Orozco

Vice President and President-Elect

Luis Zuñiga Bobadilla


Benjamin Valle Vargas


Carlos Farias Trujillo


Benjamin Armenta Salcido

Rotary Foundation

Carlos Vázquez Sánchez

Service Projects

José Luis Arellano Islas

Public Relations

Jorge Zambrano Hernández

Club Administration

Hector Arminio Uribe

Club Membership

Joaquín Molina Bauza

Interchanges and New Generations

Saúl López Orozco

Committees 2014 - 2015

Becas Scholarships Program

Pedro Covarrubias Sandoval, Eleanor Hawthorn,
Jorge Zambrano Hernández, Luis Zuñiga Bobadilla

Colonia Magisterio

Jorge Zambrano Hernández

Eye Surgery

Dr. Jaime Miramontes Contreras
Dr. Alberto Miramontes Contreras

Magisterio Community Care Centre - Alberge

Jesús Anaya Vizcaino, José Luis Arellano Islas,
Carlos Farias Trujillo, Ignacio Guzmán Garcia,
Joaquín Molina Bauza, Miguel Ortiz Ayala,
Alberto Pérez Carbonell, Cachi Pérez Gonzalez,
Ismael Pérez Madera, Carlos Vázquez Sánchez

UNIVA Music Program

Luis Zuñiga Bobadilla

Volcanes Community
Education Program

Arthur Fumerton

Water Filters for Families

Malcolm Laird - Committee Chair
Sandra Stolz, Jorge Zambrano Hernández
José Luis Arellano Islas

Water Purification Systems

Jesús Anaya Vizcaino - Committee Chair
Jorge Zambrano Hernández, José Luis Arellano Islas

Updated: November 2014