Club Rotary PVR Sur.


At the beginning of May 1985, at the suggestion of Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta undertook the task of forming another club in this city, appointing a committee formed by Víctor Ramírez, asking Ignacio Guzmán, an enthusiastic banker, to look for the greatest number of candidates, of the most highly qualified in their profession or work, especially in the spirit of helping others. With enthusiasm and great will, soon gathered those who would be the founding partners: Ignacio Guzman, Armando Covarrubias, Erasmo Cuevas, Carlos Garduño, Hugo Garduño, Francisco Lopez, Héctor Monroy, Carlos Navarro, Tomás Ortega, Miguel Ortiz and Carlos Vázquez.

Rotary International issued the Constitution of the Club dated June 4, 1985. The Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur was thus officially constituted.

The appointment of the board for the period 1985-1986 was coordinated by Nacho Guzmán and members of the Puerto Vallarta Rotary club, who sponsored the formation of the new club.